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Hello and welcome!  My name is Tiffany Conary.  I am a homeschool mom of seven children.  Two of my children have left the nest, three are currently being homeschooled, and two are toddlers that always want do what the big kids are doing!

I LOVE Waldorf education.  I love that it educates the whole child instead of just stimulating the brain.  As I researched Waldorf education a few years back, one element really stood out to me more than the others…  EURYTHMY!  I thought it was fantastic.  It was so mysterious.  I wanted to know more but didn’t have the time.  I was busy trying to understand the basics.  In 2016, through my coop, I had the opportunity to research Eurythmy and bring it to the kids. I immediately fell in love because as I researched it, it seemed so beautiful and so pure. It allows you to express your feelings and emotions without them being diminished by bland words… words that pale in comparison to what is actually being felt, words that put a limit on what and how you can express yourself. Eurythmy gives movement to muscles of the body that have grown old and stale because we don’t move our bodies like we used to. In this day, we have machines that do a lot of our work for us, and therefore, our bodies do not get a very good workout. Steiner developed these movements because they are “healthy movements of the body.” And at each developmental stage, there are different movements, different muscles, that need to be worked. As I innocently followed through with my assignment for coop, I didn’t know this was going to be the beginning of my new life goal, to be a professional eurythmist. I studied and studied it as much as I could! I’ve taken online courses and still read as many books as I can get my hands on! Eurythmy has taken a firm grip on me and imprinted itself on my soul!

I want to bring Eurythmy to my children even though we homeschool. And I want to do it in the fullest way I can possibly come up with. My goal is to become a professional eurythmist, to work in a Waldorf school, but to reach out to homeschoolers as well! I AM NOT a professional eurythmist yet, so I am not qualified to teach it. But I can share what I have learned and learning.  And I can share a little about my journey. I CAN share what I have applied to my homeschooling that works!!  I will also share what doesn’t work so well, and even things that I don’t quite understand. We are going to peel away the veil of mysticism that surrounds Eurythmy, especially from a homeschooling perspective.  I firmly believe that just because we homeschool that we shouldn’t miss out on this beautiful art form or its therapeutic benefits. Won’t you join me in my journey?!

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