Resolute means admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.  Rhythm refers to the movement of song, of speech, of birds, water, and nature.  Everywhere is where rhythm exists!  So Resolute Rhythm means to be purposeful, determined and unwavering in the rhythms with which we surround ourselves.  In Eurythmy, everything we do is resolute.  It has admirable purpose and rhythm.

Resolute Rhythm was brought into existence to try and help homeschoolers who are trying to understand Eurythmy.  I homeschool my children with a Waldorf education.   Eurythmy is not something that is talked about much with homeschooling. There is a huge mystery behind it.  As a homeschool mom that desperately wants to bring this to my children, I have studied the subject and continue to try and understand it as much as I can.  I created this site to help others, especially homeschoolers of Waldorf education, to try to clarify and understand Eurythmy in hopes that they too can apply this at home.  I AM NOT a professional Eurythmist and therefore not qualified to teach it.  But I would like to share the things I am learning along my way to becoming a professional Eurythmist.

here is the Waldorf Essentials curriculum we use for homeschooling.

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